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About Us

American Nut & Chocolate brings you the very best gourmet hand roasted nuts, chocolates, choice dried fruits, addictive snack mixes and candies. We use nothing but the freshest and finest ingredients of the highest quality. We then use our skill and time-tested processes to bring out the best flavor from each ingredient so we can offer you the best tasting products.

We are open to the public, and welcome your visit.

We're one of the old-time Boston companies. To learn more about our history (and the famous Ted Williams Pennants) click here: History of American Nut & Chocolate Page.

How We Make “The Tastier Nut”

Our roasted nuts are simply the best.

What's our secret? We start with top quality nuts. But that's not all. We have the experience to know that extra time and attention is needed to create all the taste, aroma and goodness in each variety. Try our nuts and see why we're known for offering "The Tastier Educated Nut".

We buy directly from the growers, seeking out the best. We constantly rotate our stock to bring you nothing but the freshest product. We individually inspect our nuts and then roast them by hand and we do this right here on the premises.

Our nuts are roasted to order the old fashioned way - in small batches using 100% High Oleic Sunflower oil.

Roasting by our methods is not a simple procedure. It takes time to bring out the maximum flavor and aroma, and it requires constant supervision throughout the roasting process. We pay close attention, since the slightest variation in roasting time or temperature could ruin the batch. Small batch roasting methods allow us to offer you delicious and nutritious nuts at a level simply not possible with mass production techniques.

Certified Kosher & Pareve by the Rabbinical Council of New EnglandWe offer lightly salted and unsalted nuts, nut mixes and freshly prepared mixes of nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

We will gladly custom blend to suit your needs and desires.

Most of our products are Certified Kosher and Pareve.

Compare our nuts to other brands and see the difference for yourself!

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